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857 photo(s) Updated on: June 25, 2024
  • it's a beautifully awesome day "...in the neighborhood".
  • Marc Snyder, "Lunch Hour", linocut
  • Acrylic/collage Melody
  • "Street Corner Gumbo" lots going on with this one...check out the upside down guy saying "walk this way please"
  • "the Cat Pyramid" genesis for a kids book - Andre is always on the bottom and G is always on top, cause she's the
  • your voice is now my favorite sound...and your name is now
  • "things I'll never forget"
  • "You had me at woof"
  • "Shine Brighter" a new series I'm doing.
  • What's better than "More Singing"...more reading, more flying, more friends,
  • one of my biggest hits. "Urban Union"
  • "Holy Manos Celebrando" - hands celebrating
  • "Greenback Mackerel" - my most favorite ink drawing, enjoyed every pen stroke.
  • Mixed media construction on a wood box from wall plaques. Computer hardware salvage, found objects, dry point etched hard drive discs by the artist.

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