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747 photo(s) Updated on: October 20, 2022
  • "Connemaugh PowerPlant" digital infrared print.
  • "Mt. Pleasant Glass Plant " infrared digital print
  • "Homer City Power Plant" digital infrared print.
  • "French Gardens" Digital Infrared print
  • "The Learning Tree" digital infrared print , Jardins du Martel
  • Gina T. Judy "Evening Light Up Market Street, Wheeling" 25.5" x 34" Watercolor
  • Gina T. Judy "Bethany College Gates" (Oglebay Gates) Pastel Painting
  • Gina T. Judy "The 'Sitter" 25.5" x 33.75" Watercolor/mixed-media Accepted Into 22nd Annual 2017 Arts in Harmony International Juried Exhibit, Blaine, MN;
  • Artist: Judith Lauso, ©Flower Girl
  • Artist: Judith Lauso, Winter Thaw©
  • Artist: Judith Lauso, Barn in Winter©
  • Artist: Judith Lauso, ©Ducklings in Straw
  • Artist: Judith Lauso, Marina, Salerno, Italy©
  • James Henderson Wood Fired.
  • James Henderson
  • James Henderson
  • James Henderson Raku Fired.
  • Autumn Dance
  • Arietta
  • Wind Song
  • "Colors of the Sea" | Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper | 8x10"
  • "The Reckoning" | Acrylic on Canvas | 16x20"
  • Wrong Mother paper collage
  • "Naval with wings"
  • "Medicine series X ah ray vision"
  • "Medicine series: visual delights no 1 (with ribbon)"
  • "Medicine series tibial tuberosity"
  • "Medicine series faye's anatomy"
  • Ship of Fools
  • Rainmaker
  • Negra Verde
  • Cubical of Shattered Dreams
  • Title: Portrait of Naomi Curtis

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